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    • Red Wines

    • Bid Daddy Red

      Dark purple in color with a nose of blackberry jam melded with creamy vanilla aromas and a touch of tobacco. Rich on the palate, it has smooth tannins intertwined with ripe plum and berry flavors - similar to an off-dry Merlot. The finish is long and fruit-forward, with the perfect amount of toasted oak.

    • Cabilicious

      A strong, deep-hearted cab with a touch of Rubired to add a larger dimension of tannins and structure. Easy-going hints of plum and ripe strawberries dance together against a background of American oak.

    • Don Vino

      A dry, burly and assertive wine with dark cherry iridescence. Intense and robust with notes of strawberries, a hint of dark tar, and floral aroma complemented by rich, earthy truffles.

    • Invictus

      Pinotage is a hybrid grape that is a cross between the pinot noir and cinsaut grapes. This is a deep, ruby red wine. Its layered aromas of ripe raspberry, spices, and red cherry give way to a rich complexity of flavors that include raspberry, vanilla, plum, coffee and a subtle hint of banana in the finish.

    • Luna Rossa

      A blend of California Cabernet will deliver California flavors at their best! This wine exudes rich flavors of dark, ripe cherries and a hint of raspberry with a dry finish.

    • Meritage

      This is the California version of a great red Bordeaux. The word "Meritage" was created by a California winemaker to represent our New World version of a Bordeaux blend. It is the combination of "merit" and "heritage" and pronounced like the word "heritage." This wine is fruit forward when served young, but let it age a year or two and the bouquet of the wine will be filled with deep red cherries, tobacco, and a hint of smoke.

    • Merlot

    • Vertigo

      A dark, rich wine with wonderfully concentrated flavors of juicy blackberry and blackcurrant with smooth, gripping tannins and an elegant structure leading to a magnificent, boldly oaked finish.

    • White Wines

    • Zinfandel

      The Zinfandel grape is the official grape of California, and this is a textbook example of why this grape was chosen. Its fruit-forward characteristics carry it gently across your palate with bright berries and black peppercorns along with a subtle background of toasted almonds on the finish.

    • Sangria Wines

    • Dynamic Duo

      A darkly powerful wine with immediate notes of oak and blackcurrants on the nose mingle with peppery spice, supported by a fruit-driven palate of boysenberry, plum, redcurrant and black cherry. The finish is boldly tannic, with a mouth-filling grip of dense fruit.

    • Specialty Wines

    • Latin Grande

      Deep crimson, with dark cherry aroma, red fruits and berry notes running to a smoky, spicy finish with notes of dark chocolate and tobacco. With medium body and moderate tannins, Carmenere drinks well young and improves with age.

    • Two Capes

      This classic blend showcases the depth and ripeness of these intense grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon’s classic character of blackberry, currants, black cherry and cedar blend seamlessly with the densely packed berry, chocolate, espresso and pepper characters of Shiraz, with a hint of earthiness. As it ages it will show ever more blackberry along with plum and a hint of tobacco leading to rich vanilla and toasty-smoky notes.

    • Vieux Chateau Du Roi

      The classic Rhone Valley blend, this wine demonstrates why the Pope vacationed in this part of France every summer during the 13th century! A balance between fruity and earthy, this GSM blend offers a bit of candied fruit from the Grenache grapes, blueberry and plums from the darker Syrah grapes, and a some floral aromas will waft in your mouth from the Mourvedre.